Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Filter Units

Crystal Drops Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pressure Sand Filters & Carbon Filters are designed for deep bed filtration using special graded sand media.

  • Drinking Water Supplies.
  • Swimming Pool water filtration.
  • Pre-treatment for mineral water bottle plants.
  • Pre-treatment for industrial water treatment plants and RO plants.
  • Light weight and Easy to install.
  • Low Maintenance cost.
  • User friendly to operate - it's simplified single Lever Multi-port valve design.
  • Pre-assembled and tested before shipment
Technical Specification

Crystal Drops FRP Pressure Sand Filter Consists of
  • FRP Pressure Vessel.
  • Associated PVC Piping & Multi-port valve.
  • Filter Media with supporting under bed media.
  • Carbon Media with supporting under bed media.
  • Pressure Indicator
Note: Above Filter Units are also supplied with Auto Multi-Port valve option based on customer requirement.