Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Softener Units

Crystal Drops offers Fiber Reinforced Plastic Softeners which are compact and easy to operate with common expertise.

  • Boiler feed Water.
  • Beverage Production.
  • Hospitals, Air conditioning plants.
  • Pre-treatment to Reverse Osmosis plants.
  • Domestic application.
  • Light weight and Easy to install and commission.
  • Low Maintenance cost.
  • User friendly to operate - it's simplified single Lever Multi-port valve design.
  • Pre-assembled and tested before shipment.
Technical Specification

Crystal Drops FRP Softener Unit Consists of
  • FRP Pressure Vessel
  • Salt tank of HDPF/FRP with fittings
  • Cation Exchange Resins
  • Ejector
  • Hardness Test Kit
  • Multiport/ Individual valve
  • Sampling valve
  • Associated Piping
  • Pressure Indicators
Note: Crystal Drops FRP Softener - 20 with Side mount multiport valve may be operated max flow rate of 20m3/hr, if the flow rate required more than 20m3/ hr, we will provide individual valve with frontal piping based on clients requirement.

We shall design & supply Auto Softeners also to suit end user requirement.