Pressure Sand Filter Units & Carbon Filter Units

Crystal Drops offers high quality Pressure Sand Filters by mixing best quality coarse and fine media in right proportions to produce a filter bed with Pore dimensions to support retaining of both large and small suspended particles. These filters are designed to achieve higher flow rates per hour to produce a filtrate with less than 5 ppm (Parts per Million) for inlet water containing up to 25 ppm suspended solids.


The Pressure-Sand Filters by Crystal Drops is an obvious choice for all applications where a conventional sand filter is used.

It is extensively used in
  • Portable water treatment.
  • Filtration of clarified water.

These Filters are available with Carbon Steel Rubber lined and Carbon Steel Epoxy Painted options and shall be selected based on inlet water characteristics.

  • Higher flow rates with lesser space and cost.
  • Low maintenance and operating cost.
  • Efficient backwash system.
  • Use of raw water for backwash.

Vertical cylindrical vessel made of Carbon steel with dish ends, with external protective coat of red oxide paint and internally with anti-corrosive block bituminous paint, including the frontal pipework, valves, filter media, Pressure gauges.

Pressure Sand Filters are available in variants from 200 to 3000 mm diameters.

Carbon Filters are available for removal of Colour, odour and de-chlorination of water.

Note: Suitable coagulant should be used for effective filtration.