Organic Waste Converter

A waste converter is a machine used for the treatment and recycling of solid and liquid refuse material. A converter is a self-contained system capable of performing the following functions: pasteurization of organic waste; sterilization of pathogenic or biohazard waste.

Crystal Drops focused on comprehensive waste management and environmental services. We work with organizations and institutions to help manage all types of waste effectively.

  • Kitchen Waste.
  • Hotel & Resorts Waste.
  • Hospitals .
  • Township & College.
  • Industrial Canteens.
  • Housing Complexes.
  • Temples
  • No Power Requirements.
  • Closed Vessel with de-ordering so no smell during composting of waste..
  • Environmental Friendly solution for converting waste to Organic Manure (Bio fertilizer).
  • Very Less Space Requirements.
  • Labor is required only for loading food waste and removing compost.
  • Fertilizers can be sold as compost to farmers, or used for gardening.