Industrial / Domestic Softener Units

Crystal Drops offers Softener units that are designed for both industrial and domestic use. These units can be operated manually or automatically (optional).

These Softeners are available with Carbon Steel Rubber lined and Carbon Steel Epoxy Painted options and shall be selected based on inlet water characteristics.

Cation Exchange resin in sodium which is acidic in nature is used to exchange sodium ions with Calcium and Magnesium ions resulting in production of soft water. Sodium chloride solution is used at the end of each service cycle to regenerate ion exchange resin and will be re-used for next service cycle.

  • Easy and Quick installation.
  • Low Maintenance cost.
  • Produces high quality soft water, Prevents corrosion.
  • High quality Cation polystyrene resins provide stability and longer life.
  • Carbon steel pressure vessel provided with an inlet distributor, an outlet collecting system and a brine distributor.
  • Unit includes associated piping, Manual valves, salt measuring tank, hydraulic ejector, cation exchange resin and hardness test kit.
  • All above softeners are supplied with Hardness testing kit, brine tank, Frontal piping, ejector, Brine Assembley & Softener Resins
  • The output & Resin quantity will be designed based on inlet and treated water hardness required basis.
  • Rubber lined Vessel & Piping is optional which shall be selected based on inlet water characteristics.